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May 19, 2011

Come Hear My Son’s Revolutionary Band: In Town From Bay Area

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Saturday night, May 21st, come hear a revolutionary band playing at

The Miramar Theater (Oakland and Locust).

6:00 drum class, $10;

band plays 10:30, also $10.

Birthed in Colombia and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland-based Antioquia makes music that inspires raucous dancing and deep listening.  With influences ranging from Mahavishnu Orchestra to AfroColombian songstress Toto La Mompasina and traditional music from West Africa, Antioquia’s primary mission is to unite humans in the healing act of dance. Their earnest let-it-all-hang-out stage presence encourages the same from the audience, creating a feedback loop that builds momentum as standers-by are sucked into the dance floor.

You can view the band on facebook at:!/antioquiaband

Or on their website at:

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