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About Larry Miller

I was elected to the School Board of Milwaukee Public Schools in April of 2009. I taught in Milwaukee Public Schools for over 17 years at Custer High School, Metropolitan High School and W.E.B. Du Bois High School. My two sons are graduates of Milwaukee Public Schools. I am an editor of Rethinking Schools.

Lines of Demarcation for Schools, Teachers and Education Activists in This Time of Education “Reform”

1. Teach all our students including special education and ELL. (Not just the “motivated” or “talented 10th”. )

2. Fight for students’ families and communities. Align with their  community organizations, including their unions.

3. Teach what is intellectually and culturally relevant. Affirm that social justice teaching and schooling targets the economic, political and social status quo.

4. Commit to the long haul, not to drive-by reforms or to fill a portfolio.

5. Do not surrender integrity to moneyed interests. (Hedge funds managers, corporate CEO’s, or foundations)

6. Oppose privatization.

“The teachers of Black youth must believe in them. They must have faith in them and their community. They must trust them and encourage them and defend them.”

W.E.B. Du Bois

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