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May 24, 2017

President 45 declares war on our children: education budget summary

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Medicaid could lose $800 billion under Trump

The Federal Budget for FY2018 Released by White House


In General

Earlier today, the Trump Administration released their full budget proposal for federal FY 2018, which will fund education programs in school year 2018-19. The president’s proposal requests $9 billion in cuts to federal education programs, reducing the budget of the U.S. Department of Education by approximately 13%.  Overall, the Trump Budget proposal seeks to balance the federal budget in ten years by substantially cutting both discretionary appropriations and entitlement/mandatory spending by $3.6 trillion, while increasing defense and security spending and assuming 3% annual economic growth.  Cuts to social safety-net entitlement programs [like TANF (welfare), SNAP (food stamps), SSDI (social security disability payments), and further cuts to the Medicaid program of another $610 billion on top of the more than $800 billion in Medicaid cuts in House health care legislation (H.R. 1628)] will have both direct and indirect consequences for low-income students and their families, as well as the public schools serving them.

Education Department Budget

As expected, any new K-12 funding in the budget proposal is directed to choice initiatives. The president’s request includes a new $1 billion public school choice proposal called FOCUS, and is described as a Title I open enrollment weighted student funding pilot program. It is important to note, however, that the budget request cuts traditional Title I formula grants to school districts by more than $575 million in order to help offset this new proposal. The budget request also includes $250 million for a new private school choice pilot program, and a $167 million increase for charter schools.

The significant K-12 education cuts in the budget proposal include the elimination of the 21st Century Afterschool program (-$1.2 billion) and the elimination of the Title II-A program for Effective Instruction (-$2.1 billion). The budget proposal also eliminates the new Title IV Academic Enrichment block grants (-$400 million) and the Striving Readers programs (-$190 million), which had been renamed Comprehensive Literacy Development Grants under ESSA.

Funding for students with disabilities under IDEA and English learners under Title III would remain essentially level, while Perkins CTE funding and Adult Education funding would absorb 13% and 16% cuts respectively.

Major Cuts in President Trump’s Education Budget Proposal

  • Title I Formula Grants to LEAs: -$578 million
  • Title II-A: -$2.1 billion (eliminated)
  • 21st Century Afterschools: -$1.2 billion (eliminated)
  • Title IV Academic Enrichment Grants: -$400 million (eliminated)
  • Striving Readers/ Comprehensive Literacy Development Grants: -$190 million (eliminated)

Major Increases in President Trump’s Education Budget Proposal

  • Title I FOCUS Choice Program: +1 billion (new and requiring a congressional authorization)
  • Private School Voucher Pilot: +$250 million (new under the Title IV Innovation Program)
  • Charter Schools: +$167 million (50% increase)

Proposed Infrastructure Plan

The FY 2018 Budget provides few details on the Administration’s national infrastructure planning.  The proposal retains the $1 trillion “target” that would be met with a combination of new Federal funding, incentivized non-Federal funding, and policies to expedite new projects (e.g., authorizing the start-up of the Keystone Pipeline).  Actual Federal funding would be $200 billion for a “suite of direct federal programs that will also help leverage the additional non-Federal investments.


The massive cuts proposed in so many federal programs from medical research to the environment are receiving little support from many Republicans or Democrats.  Nonetheless, the FY 2018 Budget request along with the tax proposal and health care legislative represents a massive shift in federal priorities that will need to be actively and aggressively if we are to prevent them from happening.





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