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April 23, 2016

OSPP Work Session with MPS Board

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The Board had a work session with Demond Means Thursday night. He gave us until June 23 to sign a contract agreement with him.

The Journal article made the Means proposal sound like there would be significant institutional and financial support for his efforts. Yet none of this support is promised or funded.

What became clear about the proposal is the following:

  • The money “returning” to MPS through the “mirrored” instrumentality charter approach will be $8K per student, not the $10K per student, MPS presently gets. This pays for the staff, program and building operations of any chosen school.
  • OSPP has no money for the work except the $8K per student. It was said that university volunteers will help.
  • If the Board signs an agreement, the MPS administration and staff will be doing the work and paying the bills, doing the “heavy lifting” for all of this.
  • We asked about the educational plan? It was said the turnaround efforts would be done through a “community schools” approach and increased wrap-around services. I pointed out that a community school needs $80-150K/year to just create the right conditions. Dr. Means said the County will assist with wrap-around. I pointed out that he told me 4 weeks ago that the County is already doing its limit on wrap-around support for MPS.

So the Board has “input” only. And the improvement plan is to improve schools with no extra money through programs we are already implementing (wrap-around services and community schools.) OSPP has no money to pay anybody, so all of the support work is free and volunteer. The only money available is the $8,000 per student and the MPS administration and staff will do the operations, teaching and support. We are to do more with less.

It was stated that “we are not trying to disenfranchise” the School Board. Actually one definition of disenfranchisement is “a person or group of people who are stripped of their power.” This is the intention of the authors of the law.

The proposed contract doesn’t change that.



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  1. I think what I’m hearing is Charter and Vochers come from taxes. Charter schools do not have to be held accountable for student learning. They do not have any published standards. If they don’t like the learning style of student, they don’t let them into a school. Why would any parent want to send their child to that kind of school? The video I saw today were students performing a song in support of their public school. All those beautiful children and the children that MPS posts on Facebook should be on National news, and front page of newspapers. I have said this before, and say it again. In the day of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and the bus boycott the people rallied peacefully. They were continually arrested and thrown in jail. Then they put the children first. The arrests stopped, and we as a people moved one step forward. We must never have to say parents I’m sorry your children cannot receive an education. The only schools are private, and not affordable to all. Scott Walker and his people only want to educate the chosen few. That has never been the American Dream, and by the Grace of God we’d better pray it never will. Put the children first…all of them.

    Comment by Debbie Perry — April 24, 2016 @ 7:25 pm | Reply

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