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December 11, 2015

StormFront, U.S. Nazi group, Endorses Trump

Filed under: Fascism — millerlf @ 8:07 am

Fascist and White Supremacist website advocates for Trump. The following is from their website:


Anyone who is in-tune with the average American knows that, if any nation will declare that it’s “Reich Time,” it’s America for a multitude of reasons.

>Americans view their nation similarly to the way that Germans used to view their nation. They saw Germany as “above everything in the world.” Hell, that proclamation is literally the title of the German national anthem: Deutschland über Alles.

>Americans tend to be xenophobic whether most want to openly admit it or not. The massive hordes of third world immigrants only increases this sentiment.

>The Left is increasingly losing control of the SJWs. This wouldn’t be a problem if people outside of SJWs actually liked SJW. As more millennials graduate college, more SJWs will enter the ranks of the Left. As they grow in numbers, more people will turn away from the Left and into the embrace of this “charismatic figure” that Chomsky talks about.

>If America decided to go full-on Reich mode domestically, literally nobody could stop us. The American military, when unleashed, is the most lethal killing machine in human history. Our military wasn’t cucked by a World War. You can be sure that this “charismatic figure” would use our military to its full potential if the American people were ever threatened.


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