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July 11, 2015

Alberta Darling Attacks MPS Montessori Program!

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Alberta Darling, in her unending quest to destroy MPS, has now attacked the largest and most successful public school Montessori program in the country. It has served as a model world-wide.

Darling will stop at nothing to tear apart a district that is working arduously to educate all students. Her goal is a voucher in every backpack, privatization of all things public and payback to CMO and voucher donors.

 July 7, 2015
Senator Alberta Darling
Statement by State Senator Alberta Darling Regarding

Senator Alberta Darling provided the following comments supporting Senator Farrow’s statement regarding MPS’s Fernwood Montessori discriminatory admissions policy.
“MPS builds walls around some of its schools to give certain kids a seat and keep other kids out. Senator Farrow correctly noted Fernwood Montessori is only open to 3 year olds or students who always attended an
MPS Montessori or certain private Montessori schools. If your child wasn’t continuously enrolled in an MPS approved Montessori school, then MPS won’t let them into most of theirs.
“Fernwood is the norm for MPS’s Montessori campuses. As MPS’s own enrollment webpages say, Barbee Montessori, Craig Montessori, MacDowell Montessori all use discriminatory enrollment to let some kids in and keep some kids out.
The bottom line is MPS operates its own two-tiered system where a few students have options in the district and most do not.”

To view the statement by Darling in PDF format go to the following link:

Montessori attack


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  1. Charter schools only keep students whose parents sign their charter and follow their rules. If the child or parent does not follow the rules they are then sent back to MPS. Now where do the children in MPS go if they don’t follow the rules? They stay in MPS. Alberta, why do you always pit MPS & Voucher against the public schools? Can’t we all co-exist! There are good and bad private and public schools. The schools that have parent involment always have a jump up. If you decide to take over one of the lowest performing schools in MPS then you get that school with those students. No cleaning out the school and bringing in kids who want to be there. Since you have all the answers to education why don’t you share it with everyone and we can all work together! Thank you, Joy Adams

    Comment by Joy Adams — July 18, 2015 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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