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May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015: Public Education Massacre in Wisconsin State Capital

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As this day proceeds it is becoming clear that the Republicans are making their move to do serious long-term damage to public education. It appears the Republican-dominated Joint Finance Committee is using the budget process to advance numerous policies that will destroy public schools across the state and advance private tax-funded policies to limit free and equitable education for all of Wisconsin’s children.

The following policies would have trouble passing as individual bills. As part of the budget there will not be public hearings. They are being advanced by “thieves in the night.”

They include:

  • Special education vouchers
  • Expansion of state-wide vouchers
  • Creation of a state chartering board
  • An end to the 220 program
  • Takeover of MPS schools


The co-chairs of the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee said on Tuesday its Republican members have reached an agreement to provide an additional $200 million for K-12 education than what Gov. Scott Walker proposed in his two-year budget.

The funds will restore a $127 million cut next year that was proposed in Walker’s budget, and will provide an additional $100 per pupil in state aid the following year.

That is a cut, over 2 years, of $50 per pupil.

Read more:–education/article_9e75a9a3-7cf7-541b-8c3d-95a4847c2ae9.html#ixzz3acjCbDiN

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