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October 8, 2013

St. Marcus Lutheran School; Sectarian or Ecumenical? Deceptive or High Performing?

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St. Marcus Lutheran School demands ownership of the Malcolm X site. I find it interesting that some public officials are encouraging that public dollars and facilities be made available to such a sectarian organization that will not serve the whole community, and in fact, makes a mockery of diversity and tolerance. For example, a posting on the St. Marcus Lutheran School web site recently stated, “…St. Marcus is unapologetically Christian and follows the teachings of the Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.” Those teachings include the view that the Catholic Papacy is the “anti-Christ” and that Synod policy is that “women are not to hold positions of authority over men.”

Also, St. Marcus leadership repeatedly claims superior results to public schools. Yet they do not submit their data to the Wisconsin “School Report Card.”

Below is the data that can be retrieved on St. Marcus—WKCE scores. The following reading scores raise a lot of questions.

(Combined proficient and advanced= Grade 3/18%, Grade 4/32%, Grade 5/16%, Grade 6/9%, Grade 7/27%, Grade 8/22%)


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