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October 8, 2013

Parents Mobilize Against Rocketship Charter Expansion in San Jose, Home of Their 1st Charter

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Go to the following web page to observe the efforts of the community where Rocketship started its first charter school. Hundreds of families have protested their expansion.

Following is letter sent to me from San Jose parents:


Mr. Miller,

We are a community in San Jose California, at ground zero of the Rocketship expansion.  We’ve appreciated your blog entries on Rocketship’s intended growth in MPS.  The first Rocketship school, Rocketship Mateo Sheedy is located in our community, as is a new Rocketship school, Rocketship Alma Academy.  There is now a plan to build a third Rocketship school in our small 8 block community.  At first, we were fans of Rocketship, but as time has passed, we’ve grown extremely concerned about how it’s dominated our community, created deep divisions, and hurt our public school community.

We are looking to partner nationally with folks who have similar concerns.  If you have anything you’d like to share or contribute to our website, please pass it along, we’d love to include your thoughts.


StopRocketShip editorial staff.


Following is a blog posting by Diane Ravitch:

Parents in San Jose Ask for Your Help in Stopping Rocketship Charter Chain

by dianerav

The Rocketship charter chain is known for replacing teachers with computers, relying on Teach for America to cut costs, and eliminating the arts to have more time for test prep. The chain is backed by the rich and powerful California corporate charter industry, and it is opening more test prep charters across the country. But it is heavily colonizing San Jose, California. The rich entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley would not put their own children in a Rocketship school; they prefer Waldorf schools, with lots of arts and imagination, and no technology.

Here is a plea from San Jose parents:

Dear Diane,
I wanted to encourage all of your readers to check out a new website dedicated to stopping the incredible growth of the Rocketship charter school network:

We’d love to invite you and your readers to support us by sending San Jose’s city council an email against the unchecked growth of Rocketships.

We are a small, low income, Latino community in downtown San Jose with two Rocketship schools in an 8 block span (one of which was the first Rocketship school, Mateo Sheedy). Rocketship has created deep divisions and animosity in our community. Now there is a plan to add a third Rocketship — all three just a few blocks from our thriving and successful public school, Washington Elementary. Our city councilman is married to Rocketship’s head of community relations, and they’ve hired a big money lobbyist to drive this through against the wishes of the community. We need some support!


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