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March 17, 2012

City of Milwaukee Charter System Needs Watchful Eye

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The City of Milwaukee is creating its own school system. This is being done with far too little accountability and oversight, along with some questionable entanglements.

Please join the effort to give oversight to the City of Milwaukee Charter process. There is a pubic hearing Monday.

The City Charter School Review Committee is meeting  Monday, March 19, at 5:00 PM. at City Hall. Three schools will be discussed at the hearing.

Past Charters granted by the City of Milwaukee:

CEO Leadership Academy, closely connected to Howard Fuller, was given a charter even though they were a totally failing voucher school.

Darrell Hines Academy was recently given a new 5 year contract even though some of their test results fell short of good success. Darrell Hines is the brother of  Common Council President Willie Hines.

Rocketship Education was recently given a contract with the invitation to start 8 schools in the future. Howard Fuller’s wife, Deborah McGriff, is on the national board of Rocketship, a company based in San Jose, California. Rocketship is becoming notorious for keeping the number of special education students below 20, as shown in all three of their “model” schools. This means that special education is not considered as a subgroup required to make “adequate yearly progress” under No Child Left Behind.


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