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February 23, 2012

New Charter School May Put Students at Risk

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News Conference – New Lighthouse Charter School

The “Women Committed to an Informed Community”  conducted a news conference at the location of the New Lighthouse Charter School onFebruary 25th, at 4200 West Douglas Avenue to discuss the following:

Our objective is to bring attention to the approval of this facility to be used as a school for (644) K-12 grade children.  This is a former steel processing factory! 

Once you see this location, you will agree this should not be used for a school.  The health, safety and welfare of children is paramount.  The reasons for our objections are as follows:

  1. No environmental testing has been conducted at this site.  When asked,  the Department of Building Inspection stated that the City only requires Environmental Testing for buildings owned by the City.   Since this is private, no environmental testing is required.
  2. Electric transmission/distribution lines/tower is located in the rear yard of this building.  Studies are ongoing regarding the health risk to children when exposed to high electric magnetic fields.  Such exposure may cause cancer and leukemia among many other illnesses.  Much of the research we conducted suggests that schools should not be placed near these power lines.
  3. There is also a major concern that children will climb the electrical tower as it is in the rear, very close to the building and there is nothing to keep children from climbing it.
  4. There is also an active railroad track just over the rear fence.  If any outdoor toys are placed on the property, there is a potential for children walking the railroad tracks to climb the fence to play.  Again, children are at great risk.

The safety of children should be the most important issue when school building locations are selected.  The City of Milwaukee does not have specific standards/guidelines or restrictions for school buildings.  Please help us in demanding that standards/guidelines or restrictions for schools are developed by the Milwaukee Common Council.

Note – this school is owned by Andre Agassi Ventures (tennis pro).

Women Committed to an Informed Community

(Marva Herndon, Gail Hicks, Harriet Callier)    414-350-3027


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