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November 3, 2011

Common Council Creates ‘Rocketship Milwaukee Public School’

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I want to thank all of the education activists who called their Alderperson this week asking for more discussion concerning the charter proposal for “Rocketship Milwaukee Public School” (actual school’s name.) The vote on the Common Council was 10 to move forward with the proposal and 5 to hold for more public discussion. The 5 Aldermen who voted with us were Kovak, Bohl, Murphy, Dudzik and Zelinski.

Common Council President Willie Hines made it personal by attacking me and questioning my motives.

The truth in what Hines said was that we should have been paying attention because there is a process. The fact of the matter was that I did not become aware of the Rocketship proposal until Erin Richards wrote that it had passed committee and was going to the full Common Council. I then wrote the op-ed, called my Alderperson and asked for more discussion. Others did the same by calling their Alderperson.

At the Common Council meeting Alderman Robert Bauman suggested to the education community that we carefully watch the proceedings of the City’s Charter Review Committee and the Steering and Rules Committee in the future. I agree and suggest that we put the education work of the Common Council (and UWM chartering of schools) under the same level of scrutiny that MPS receives.


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  1. I emailed my alderman, Michael Murphy. Murphy is known for his excellent constituency work so I received both a return phone call and email. He voted against the proposal and welcomes teacher input.

    Comment by Kelly O'Keefe-Boettcher — November 9, 2011 @ 7:09 am | Reply

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