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October 31, 2011

Please Contact Your Alderperson About Rocketship

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On Wednesday the Milwaukee Common Council will be voting on a proposed charter school which I wrote about in an op-ed last week in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Journal Sentinel Op-Ed: Rocketship Charter Schools Need Scrutiny.) Tim Sheehy, President of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, has responded with an op-ed supporting the proposal (see his op-ed below.)

This proposal has some interesting features. For example in year one the school will be paying $531,810 from its funds to the “national and regional” Rocketship Education organization. This is the “non-profit” that will be running the proposed school. In the 2nd year of operation the “national and regional” fees will be $664,763. Each year after, the school will pay $797,717 that will not go to the school or the classroom.

Please call your alderperson before Wednesday and ask that the vote be postponed for 1 month so that there can be more community dialogue and input on this proposal.

To find your alderperson go to:

To contact your alderperson go to:

To read Tim Sheehy’s op-ed go to:

The Rocketship proposal (called Rocketship Milwaukee Public School) in full (497 pages) can be viewed by

going to the City of Milwaukee page, Attachments: Rocketship Application at


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