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October 11, 2011

Milwaukee Common Council Passes Resolution to Include Information on Voucher Tax

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This morning the Milwaukee Common Council passed a resolution that instructs the City Treasurer to annually insert information into the tax bill mailing that provides clear and accurate information on the tax levy attributable to the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

Alderpersons Kovac and Coggs sponsored the resolution and Alderman Bauman voiced strong support at the committee level. Thanks are also due to Alderman Murphy, Chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committee, who supported the resolution and called for a second meeting of his committee early this morning in order to move the resolution to the full council meeting which began at 9 a.m.

The MPCP levy insert will be provided on a 3.33” by 8.5” mailing that will eliminate the need to pay nearly $20,000 in postage costs. The information on the insert will be provided by Milwaukee Public Schools and reviewed for accuracy by the Office of the Comptroller.

MPS representatives expressed their thanks to city officials for moving the process forward and made clear that there is a continuing interest to include the MPCP levy information on additional documents including the tax bill itself. Adding information to the tax bill requires a waiver from the Department of Revenue, and due to time constraints a waiver was not requested for the 2011 tax bill.


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