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July 22, 2011

Superintendents Across Wisconsin: Walker’s “Education Budget” Hurts School Districts

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New Wisconsin budget creates
fiscal obstacles for schools, kids

July 20th press conference at Greenfield School District
School District officials and parents from around the state met to let the public know that the state budget cuts are curtailing students’ opportunity to learn.

School board members, district administrators and parents from across the state gathered in Greenfield on Wednesday to speak about how the $1.6 billion education state budget cut impacts schools, families and communities. Their message was: “It’s not OK.”

According to Bruce Quinton, superintendent of the Pepin School District, Governor Scott Walker’s recent cuts are especially difficult after 18 years of school districts operating under state revenue limits.

“Given year after year of school funding reductions, educators are already working with larger classes, fewer materials and fewer programs and services for students. The most recent budget cuts make things worse, essentially handing the state’s budget deficit to all school districts and municipalities throughout the state. Our young people and our educators didn’t create this mess, but we will be the ones who pay for it.”


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  1. Of course it hurts to lose funding. Just like it hurts to lose a job or for businesses to lose customers. Being in construction, it hurts our company not to have as many building projects to work and bid on. Of course it hurts. We all have to figure out how to do the same amount of work on less income/revenue until this recession is over. We all (me included) have to find ways to adapt. Schools are no different and the superintendents are stating what is obvious, “it hurts to lose funding”.

    Governor Walker did what no one wanted to do, and that is to live with less from the state. He also gave school districts new tools to work with labor unions; some districts used the tools and are much better off, and some ignored the tools (see MPS/MTEA recent vote) and are going to feel the pain. The more energy that is spent complaining about a situation, the less energy available to figure out solutions. The more one thinks someone else is “doing it to them” the more a victim they are. Ask yourself, are you a victim or an entrepreneur?

    Comment by George — July 30, 2011 @ 8:59 am | Reply

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