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July 7, 2011

Scott Walker’s Education Budget “Success” is Lie after Lie after Lie

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Scott Walker’s bogus `mission accomplished’ moment – Greg Sargent, Washington Post

 “What’s more, the use of this one district to declare Walker’s policies a success is almost comical in its cherry-picking. There are 424 school districts in Wisconsin, and as the AP recently noted, Walker’s policies mean draconian budget cuts to 410 of them, with labor officials and school districts predicting increased class sizes and layoffs.”

Kaukauna’s literally unbelievable budget miracle  –

 “And for all the talk about “Kaukauna class sizes going down,” even Kaukauna School Board President Todd Arnoldussen admits it’s projected class sizes being reduced, and those are reductions from huge INCREASES THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY PROJECTED. In other words, little to no change will result from what students would have seen this year. Class sizes DID NOT GO DOWN, as much as the deceptive press releases may indicate.”

 Balanced Budgets and Free Lunches in Kaukauna

 “Well, one point that hasn’t received much attention is that the changes to teachers’ compensation that the Budget Repair Bill mandates are essentially one-time fixes.

 School districts will have to repeat their cost-slashing exercises next year and every subsequent year until the state’s school funding formula is overhauled.  It is quite unlikely that we’ll be able balance our budgets on the backs of our teachers more than once.  So this isn’t anything close to a permanent solution to school districts’ annual budgeting challenges.”


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  1. This hopefully hits you. (It’s 100% Factual, and I’m personally involved with this story).
    The news recently is revolving around “News of the World” corrupt wiretapping into private citizens phones. My story is on a politician that wiretapped Me, and shut down city council meetings for the soul reason that I was going to be present, and is also exclusively interviewed by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

    The Owner of Fox News has subsidiaries involved in wiretapping governmental officials and PRIVATE Citizens. Simultaneously there have been government officials who have exclusively only been consulted by, or interviewed by Fox News. A baren fixture of this is my representative (Not by choice) Rep. Peter King (Monarchist,…I mean Republican).

    This politician (Not a leader) Mr. King, on the topic of wiretapping, was recently quoted saying: “It’s a Disgrace, it’s wrong to hack into anyone’s phone. but especially at a time of the worst national disaster in the history of our country.”
    But the domino didn’t start with Rupert Murdoch’s other foreign presses. . There is a symbiosis of corruption between Fox News and Peter King (Who happens to be the Chairman of The Dept. of Homeland Security). If you want to see what Rep. King’s office wiretapping of my phones, and other tyrannical suppressive actions he’s caused, look down this rabbit’s hole (By The way, Rep. King denotes that wiretapping is a disgrace affiliated with national disasters, but when I candidly invoke a national disaster for my government to observe gun control regulation, I’m immediately wiretapped.) :

    The letter from the officer who was present at the ilegal search and seizure is completely authentic.

    Comment by Joey Naham — July 18, 2011 @ 1:19 am | Reply

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