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June 20, 2011

How did Howard Fuller’s Voucher School Get a City of Milwaukee Charter?

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Alan Borsuk has continually lambasted MPS schools when they show poor performance. Yet in a June 19 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he takes an entirely different stand toward Howard Fuller.

Borsuk interviewed Fuller about the CEO Leadership Academy, a voucher school in which Fuller is personally involved and whose outcomes have for the most part been dismal. Fuller is quoted as saying  “…how hard it is to achieve educational success in a high-poverty, urban setting…” – something he says he has realized in the last two years as a result of his day-to-day involvement. “It’s a very, very sobering experience,” he says.

When MPS educators who have been in the trenches for a long time make this very point, Borsuk dismisses their perspective as excuses and vague promises of reform. Yet he praises Fuller for having gotten a City charter for the failing CEO Leadership Academy.

I suggest that Alan Borsuk conduct another interview and start by asking Dr. Fuller the following questions:

  • The City of Milwaukee has refused to renew charters from schools that performed better than CEO. How did you convince the City to give you a charter?
  • MPS has closed schools that performed better than CEO. How do you justify keeping CEO open?
  • CEO has been a school since 2004. Why has it taken 7 years to realize major changes have to take place there?
  • The article states that 12% to 15% of the students at CEO had special-education needs. How were those numbers determined? What services were given those students?
  • What are the specific features of your charter with the City of Milwaukee that will lead to improved teaching and learning at CEO?

To view the June 19th Borsuk article go to:


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