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June 10, 2011

Wisconsin Senator Mark Miller: Republicans Provide $2.3 Billion in Tax Giveaways for Big Corporations and the Wealthy, While $1.6 Billion in Cuts for Public Schools

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GOP Budget Takes From Children and Schools, Gives to Wealthy and Corporations
Madison – A memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released today by Senate Democratic Leader
Mark Miller pegs the ten-year cost of Republican tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy already passed
into law or pending in the state budget at over $2.3 billion. Meanwhile, legislative Republicans are poised to
slash funding for K-12 public schools by roughly $1.6 billion.
Miller commented, “This is a prime example of the backwards priorities of Governor Walker and Republicans
in the Senate and Assembly – choosing to unfairly balance the budget on the backs of children, middle class and
working families and seniors while voting for huge tax giveaways for corporations and the wealthy.”
Republicans have claimed the largest cuts to funding for public schools in state history are necessary because of
troubled state finances. Yet recent reports have shown increased economic activity has resulted in over $630
million in additional state revenue in excess of projections over the next three years.
“Everybody should be doing their part to balance our state budget, now is not the time to target schools and
children in order to give even more tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy,” said Miller.
Instead, according to Miller, Republicans are proposing education cuts requiring schools to take drastic steps
like teachers layoffs, increasing class sizes, reducing course offerings and eliminating extracurricular activities
in order to pay for their massive tax giveaways.
He concluded, “If we do not support our public schools we make it harder for children to get a quality education
and get better jobs in the future. Republican cuts that undermine public schools – forcing layoffs, increasing
class size and hurting the quality of education – to pay for tax giveaways is simply the wrong choice for
Wisconsin. ”


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