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June 3, 2011

Video of Civil Disobedience at Joint Finance Hearing

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“One has  a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”   Reverend Martin Luther King

Last night, after waiting 8 hours for the Joint Finance Committee meeting to start, a group of us began an act of civil disobedience. Our belief is that the Republican-led Wisconsin state legislature is about to enact legislation that is unjust and immoral. Their budget bill is an assault on our children, the poor, immigrants, women, and workers while furthering corporate domination, privatization and anti-democratic policies. While the recalls are moving forward and there is much hope that we can push back the Republican right-wing movement, we must continue direct action including nonviolent civil disobedience.

The intentions of the Republicans toward Milwaukee’s children attending Milwaukee Public Schools is criminal. Their proposed budget cuts will place many elementary school classrooms with over 34 children taught by one teacher. Many schools will be without music, art, phy-ed and librarians. Every school and every child in MPS will be seriously affected. This is intentionally being done while the private school voucher program is being significantly expanded.

I believe education is a civil right and a fundamental human right. Wisconsin law states that our students have “… a fundamental right to an equal opportunity for a sound basic education…” with the “… opportunity for students to be proficient in mathematics, science, reading and writing, geography, and history, and for them to receive instruction in the arts and music, vocational training, social sciences, health, physical education and foreign language, in accordance with their age and aptitude.”

It is the Republican legislature that is breaking Wisconsin statute law. They must be resisted.

To view the Joint Finance Committee Hearing last night, Thursday June 2nd, go to:



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