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March 29, 2011

MPS Outperforming Voucher Schools on Statewide Exams

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The results are in on the 21 year voucher “experiment .” Overall MPS students score higher on standardized state tests than voucher students.

2010-11 Wisconsin Student Assessment System results-All Grades Percent Proficient or Advanced

State Math 




State Economically Disadvantaged 63.2 71.7
MPS 47.8 59
MPS Economically Disadvantaged 43.9 55.3
MPCP (vouchers) 34.4 55.2

After $1.1 billion spent on vouchers and relentless attacks on MPS and public education, the truth comes out. Now watch the dance of the privatizers – it’s already begun. Just look at the headline of today’s Journal sentinel. It states, “Choice schools not outperforming MPS.” Compare that to the news release headline from DPI State Superintendent Tony Evers: “Overall MPS results higher than choice schools on statewide exams.” This is the type of word game that the Journal Sentinel, the MMAC and voucher supporters have played for years as part of their smoke and mirror politics. Maneuvers like this have prevented real accountability that will lead to doing what is best for all kids.

If the voucher initiative is truly about poor kids and not the money or the teacher’s union, proponents of private school vouchers must ask, even demand, that Scott Walker take off the table his proposals for lifting the caps on enrollment and income eligibility.

To see the full Journal Sentinel article go to:

To see the DPI/Tony Evers News release and data on MPS/Voucher comparison go to:

DPI Comparison MPS Voucher WKCE Testing


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  1. Heard these results on NPR yesterday… amazing!
    We are behind MPS 100%!

    Comment by Kate Werning — March 30, 2011 @ 10:23 am | Reply

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