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March 23, 2011

Join 9to5 at City Hall Thursday 3/24 at Noon: My vote counts – Keep your hands off my sick days!

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Tell the Legislature: No New Attacks on Working Families!

Remember voting for paid sick days for all working people in 2008? Nearly 70% of voters approved the ordinance that would ensure 120,000 Milwaukee families who do not have paid sick days would no longer had to make the impossible choice between going to work sick and losing a day’s pay.

Unmoved by the voices of Milwaukee voters , big corporations and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce have been fighting the paid sick day law ever since. That is until tomorrow, when the Court of Appeals will issue its decision on their frivolous lawsuit.

Even if the court upholds the sick day law, the victory could be short-lived if the state legislature moves forward with the SICK DAYS SCAM BILL that would overturn Milwaukee’s sick days law and threaten local governance throughout the state. This dangerous bill would not only reverse the votes of thousands of Milwaukee voters, it also opens the door for the State Legislature to overturn a range of legislation passed in towns and cities throughout Wisconsin. The Senate has already snuck through a vote on this bill, and the Assembly could call the bill to a vote any day.

JOIN US tomorrow at 12 pm at the Milwaukee City Hall to send a message to state legislators:
“My vote counts – Keep your hands off my sick days!”

Take Action:

• Commit to bringing 5 friends or family members with you to the rally. Forward this email to your contacts.
• Share your story to be told at the press event. We have ALL been affected by a lack of paid sick days, for either ourselves or someone we know. Contact Amy Ali at 414-274-0925 and tell her your experience.
• Join us from 5-7 PM today for our phone bank . Free pizza. 207 E. Buffalo St, Suite 211. Call 414-274-0925 to sign up.

In Solidarity,

Dana, Rhonda, Caitlin, and Amy
9to5 Wisconsin Organizers


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