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March 8, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Attempted Theft of Paid Sick Days Victory in Milwaukee

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Follow-up on Attempted Theft of Paid Sick Days Victory

The theft of paid sick days in our state is underway.

Last Thursday, the Senate has passed SB 23, introduced by Sen. Leah Vukmir, which would nullify the Milwaukee Paid Sick Days Ordinance and make it impossible for any other local electorate in Wisconsin to pass such a measure through direct legislation. The vote came just one day after the legislation was passed out of the Senate Committee on Labor, Public Safety and Urban Affairs. The three Republican Senators ignored the powerful testimony of 15 representatives of 9to5, WI Task Force on Domestic Violence, Disabilities Rights, WI Citizen Action, ACLU, SEIU, teachers and affected workers on the need and benefits of paid sick days.

The bill uses the fraudulent umbrella of WI Family and Medical Leave to say only the state can legislate in this area, even though sponsors know the WFMLA doesn’t cover all workers, doesn’t allow for coverage of routine illness and preventative care appointments and, through recent proposed legislation, will take away the right of workers caring for a family member to choose to substitute any paid leave they’ve earned for unpaid time under the Act.

AB 12, a companion bill to SB 23 in the Assembly, has been listed for a special session.  Contact your Assembly member immediately – 1-800-362-9472 – to let them know this bill would HARM families and DISHONOR Wisconsin voters.

AB 12 will end local control on the issue of paid sick leave by barring voters from moving and passing legislation that establishes standards for workers to access paid leave in times of illness.

The bill could move quickly as did SB 23.  We must let Wisconsin constituents know about this as soon as possible. Please ask all those in your network to call their Assembly representative and voice their opposition to this assault on our rights to decide what’s best to maintain family economic stability while caring for ourselves and our families.

For more information, go to 9to5’s facebook page:!/pages/9to5-Milwaukee/74329476592

or call 414-274-0925.


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  1. What is going on with Ms. Vukmir? Does Leah Vukmir dislike the working class? She has repeatedly voted against workers’ rights from the smoking ban to Discriminatory Pay Compensation. Now she has authored this bill that would nullify the Milwaukee Paid Sick Days Ordinance. Either Ms. Vukmir has a vendetta against the working class, or is out of her mind as she has deluded herself into thinking these measures are good for people. Maybe she’s forgotten that part of Milwaukee makes up a large chunk of her constituency.

    Comment by Bill Bellin — March 8, 2011 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

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