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March 3, 2011

Must See Video of Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman Speaking at Tea Party Event

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This is the same Senator Glenn Grothman who said “We cannot continue to have all these slobs in the Capitol building…many are unemployed people looking for somewhere to hang out.”

Senator Glenn Grothman is Assistant Majority Leader (R) in the Wisconsin State Senate. He is a member of the Joint Finance Committee and the Senate Education Committee. He represents and lives in West Bend at 151 University Drive 312 N, West Bend, WI 53095 (Phone # (800) 662-1227 or (262) 338-8061)

He is a Tea Party activist and playing a leading role in the present attack on Wisconsin working families.

The following video gives you a sense of the false views of Grothman. In the video he says America will be destroyed from within. Why?

1.       He says Milwaukee women have incentives to choose welfare over marriage because he claims they can receive over $38,000 in entitlements plus have access to a free college.

2.       Government bureaucrats are forcing quotas on all companies to hire women and people of color.

3.       There is a war on men.

To see the 5 minute video go to:

Please pass this video on to all Wisconsinites to see the diatribes of one of our state “leaders.”


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