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March 1, 2011

Urgent Hearing at Capitol Tomorrow: SB23 – Another Attack on Working Families (Sick Days Scam)

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This is yet another attack on working families and taking away local control.

Senate Republicans just announced a hearing at 9:30am tomorrow (Wednesday Mar 2, Room 330-SW in Capitol) on bill to pre-empt localities from doing ordinances on paid sick days.

You’ll see they’re using the language of ‘family leave,’ but specifics prohibited all relate to the kinds of doctor’s appointments and routine illness, preventative and diagnostic appointments, not to mention broad definition of family, found in Milwaukee ordinance.

A City passed a local law backed by nearly 70% of the people in Milwaukee, corporate power players don’t like it, and now they are trying to silence the voice of workers and take away local control. We are mobilizing even stronger against these rollbacks.

Can you come to testify in Madison or get a constituent to testify about provisions of paid sick days NOT included in family leave, and why it’s so important? If you can’t go, can you send a statement in opposition of SB23 (Sick Days Scam)?

Let me know if you are in Madison, can go, or know folks who will be there tomorrow morning.

Talking Points: Sick Days Scam (SB23)

– Undermines local control: trying to rob voters in Milwaukee and other cities of their basic right to local decision-making

– Paid Sick Days helps families and the economy

– Latest pay-back to corporate donors

– If passed, the Sick Days Scam (SB23) would deprive 120,000 Milwaukee families who do not have paid sick leave through their work of the freedom to take care of ill family members without fear of losing their jobs or a paycheck.

– WI Family Medical Leave covers only serious medical conditions and not colds and flu, preventative and diagnostic care, domestic violence recovery, or caring for domestic partnerships

For more information please call 414-274-0920 or e-mail

opeiu 9 afl-cio


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  1. Taking away sick leaves is adding insult to injury.
    Many of these companies have lowered salary, taken away paid vacations and now doing away with sick leaves. What are we – Robots?
    USA labor market gives the lowest number of days off to workers and we all know then people suffer from fatigue.It reduces productivity.
    And a person can fall sick anytime but is there any justice taking away the right to be home to get well soon to return to work.
    I do agree there are some who do misutilize these sick day offs but why penalize the genuine people who need it?
    Well we can go on and on about this but I think one famous movie of Charlie Chaplin sums it all very nicely….we will no longer be humans but robots that you see in those science fiction movies.

    Good luck !

    Comment by Chinky — March 3, 2011 @ 6:20 am | Reply

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