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February 22, 2011

Following is a Letter Signed by a Growing List of Local Wisconsin Government Officials Who Oppose Walker’s “Repair” Bill

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An Open Letter from Local Government Leaders to Governor Walker and Members of the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly

Dear Governor Walker, Senators and Representatives:

We respectfully urge you to reconsider and delete the proposal in the Budget Repair Bill to severely restrict the collective bargaining process between local governmental bodies and their employees. This provision of your recommended bill is inconsistent with the Wisconsin tradition of local control over local community issues. In addition, it does not help achieve the prime goal we all share of providing cost-effective, quality public services for Wisconsin’s people.

Public employees have offered to accept your proposed health care and pension concessions to balance the budget if you will respect and preserve the collective bargaining process so basic to maintaining a strong middle class.  We encourage you to accept the compromise offered by labor leaders. By doing so, all of the state and local budget savings in your proposed budget adjustment bill will be realized and Wisconsin’s historic commitment to the right of working people to organize and negotiate for fair wages and decent working conditions will be honored.

Skilled public employees and proactive public sector unions are vital for stable, cost-effective operations in municipalities, counties, school districts and state programs. Effectively doing away with local collective bargaining is not something we have asked for nor support as a “tool” to solve our budget challenges. It is not in the best interests of Wisconsin communities.

We recognize the significant fiscal challenges facing state and local governments in the coming budget biennium. The leadership challenge we share as state and local leaders is how to work together to protect the public structures that are the foundation for strong local communities and fundamental to the continued prosperity, stability, and economic strength of our state. We ask the governor, as the state’s chief executive, to work within the existing collective bargaining framework and to convene a collaborative partnership of state leaders, local officials and public sector workers to move forward and work together in the best interest of our state’s future.


Click here to add your name to this list of elected and appointed local leaders.*

Harry Porter, Supervisor, Town of Sturgeon Bay
Robert Dickson, Trustee, Village of Egg Harbor
Joseph Hennlich, Village of Sherwood Trustee, Village of Sherwood
Leeanne Hallquist, School board Member, Middle Cross Plains Area School District
Charles Jensen, County Board Supervisor, Jackson County
William Lunney, Durrent Chair / Former Supervisor, Dane County Parks Commission / County Board
Dan Kaler, School Board Member, Ellsworth Community Schools, Wisconsin
Joe Reinhard, Town Chairman, Town of Abrams
Tom Sykes, Clerk, Town on Apple River
Steve Pankratz, former Town supervisor, Town of Lincoln Board
Marsha Ries, Teacher/Dept. Chair, big Foot UnionHigh School
Marian Pohlman, Treasurer/retired, Town of Oakland
Andrew Mommsen, Board Supervisor, Barron County Board
Jon Waltz, former school board member, Oakfield School Board
Terri DeVoss, Retiree, Deputy County Treasurer, Iowa County Government
Mark Kirst, former boardmember and alderperson, Beaver Dam School District, Beaver Dam Common Council
Dave Pederson, Former Town Chairperson, Kewaunee County, Town of Franklin
Myron Byers, past town supervisor, New Haven Township, Adams County
Dawn Chervenka, Treasurer, Town of New Denmark
Shirley Brokopp, Deputy Register of Deeds, Iowa County
Colleen Bates, Eau Claire County Supervisor District 12,
Paul Bader, Town Chairman, Town of Webster, Vernon County
Daryl Laatsch, attorney/former Mid Moraine Municipal Judge,
Patricia Pfitsch, Former School Board Member, North Crawford School Member
Linda Zillmer, Trustee, Village of Birchwood, Washburn County
Jill Randall, Municipal Clerk, Town of Lamartine
Michael Younglove, Trustee, Village of Union Grove
Gary Selck, Village President, Village of Footville
John Stencil, Big Bend Town Chairman, Dist 18 Supervisor Rusk County, Town of Big Bend & Rusk County
Cecelia Stencil, Clerk Treasurer, Town of Big Bend
Michael Hunter, Mayor, City of Prescott
Carol V. Szymanski, Treasurer, Town of Lincoln
fRonald J. Frederick, County Board of Supervisors 11th Ditrict, Kenosha County
Kathleen Kelly, Library Trustee, City of Stoughton
Mark Sundquist, President – Village of Shorewood Hills,
Betty Schambow, Treasurer, Town of Mifflin
Richard Young, Supervisor, Town of North Bend
Karleen Young, Clerk, Town of North Bend
Karen Thayer, Supervisor, Jackson County
Carol Carstensen, Retired Madison School Board, MMSD
Jan Michalski, Alderman, City of Kenosha
Ronald Bogard, board member, Village of Union Grove
Mary Peterson, Rhinelander School Board Member, Rhinelander, WI School Board
Lois Frank, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Cambria
Wilbert Foerster, Treasurer Kiel Public Library, Ex-Alderman City of Kiel
Ellen Lindgren, President, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School Board
Marge Jorgensen, School Board Member, Beaver Dam Unified School Board
Jamie R. Feuerhelm, Pierce County Clerk,
Don Blegen, former town board member, Spring Lake Township
Margaret Young, Village of Merrillan President, Village of Merrillan
Eileen Clements, Former School Board Member, Wheatland School District
James Thanig, Village Trustee, Village of Dresser
Maureen Freedland, County Board Supervisor, La Crosse County
Kristy Spurley, Iowa County Deputy County Clerk, Iowa County
Debra Slaney, Deputy Treasurer, Iowa County Government
Kristin Hesselbacher, Commissioner, Janesville Board of Education
Marcia Hochhalter, Supervisor, Clark County Board
Vicki Burke, La Crosse County Supervisor, La Crosse County Board
Mark Clear, President, Madison Common Council
Janice Krzyzanowski, Clerk, Town of Butler Clark County
Mike Wolf, Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator, Town of Blooming Grove, Dane County
Monica Kruse, County Board Supervisor – LaCrosse, County Board
Sue Haake, Town Clerk, Town of Howard
Bill Brockmiller, La Crosse County Board, La Crosse County Board
Robert Roy, Board Of Education President, Milton School District
Foster Bridger, Alderman, Cumberland City Council
Susan Schneider, Former village board member, Brown Deer Village Board
Carousel Bayrd, County Board Supervisor, Dane County Board
Laurie Burke, Manitowoc County Board Supervisor,
John DeRosier, Supervisor, Eau Claire County Board, District 28, Eau Claire County
Brenda Kaczmarski, Clerk, Town of Cylon St. Croix County
Marsha Rummel, Alder, City of Madison
Leo Thomasgard, School Board Member, Port Edwards School District
William Clark, Treasurer, Port Edwards School Board
Scott Vollbrecht, Former Board President, Sheboygan Falls School Board
Supervisor Kyle Richmond, District 27, Dane County Board
Nancy Allen, Former Board President, Monona Grove School District
Terry Thiessen, Member, Board of Directors, New Holstein Economic Development Corp
Dean Zempel, Town Supervisor, Town of Middle Inlet
Michael Serpe, County Administrator, Door County
Rita Metzger, County Board, Manitowoc County
Tara Johnson, County Board Supervisor, La Crosse County Board
Barbara Terry, Treasurer, Town of Baraboo
Dennis Lowder, Treasurer, Brown Deer School Board
John Laubmeier, Village President, Waunakee
Roger Stevens, County Board Supervisor, Jackson County
Arnold Evensen, past village president, Village of Deerfield
Mary Falk, Former Supervisor, Burnett County Board
Bill Brockmiller, La Crosse County Board,
Roger Zimmermann, County Supervisor, Marathon County
Jim Rosenberg, Former Member, Wausau City Council & Marathon County Board, City of Wausau; Marathon County
Mary Walters, Clerk, Town of Oxford
Jeffrey Hauser, City Council Member, City of Whitehall
James “Randy” Ebert, Trustee, Village of Melrose
Linda Ryskewecz, City Clerk-Treasurer, City of Hurley
Kay Lettau, Supervisor, Town of Clayton
David Maass, South Milwaukee School Board Member, School District of South Milwaukee
Douglas Montavon, Former Town Board Supervisor, Town of Maple
Karen Nevin, Trustee, Village of Poplar,
Miriam Vavra, School Board Member, Rice Lake Area School District
June Siegler, Village Trustee Village of Biron,
Dixie Edge, Register of Deeds, Iowa County
Steven Berg, Town Supervisor, Town Of Burke
Mary Karolewicz, Former School Board Member; Franklin Public Schools
Victoria Trimble, Town Board Supervisor, Town of Packwaukee
Sherry Baumgart, School Board, Adams-Friendship Area School District
George Davis, Zoning Administrator, Town of Clearfield
Kathleen Davis, Clerk, Town of Clearfield
Don Weiss, Supervisor District 24, Manitowoc County Board
John Bergman, Supervisor, Town of Harmony, Rock County
Gary Harden, Trustee, Village of Mt. Sterling
Carl Doersch, council member, Ashland City Council
Michael Underhill, Kenosha County Board Supervisor district 23,
Richard Jones, Trustee, Village of Wind Point
Joe Plouff, Supervisor, Dunn County Board of Supervisors
Kathryn Kienholz, Supervisor, District 6, Polk County Board of Supervisors
Peter Sobol, Member, Monona Grove Board of Education
Sharon Corrigan, County Supervisor, Dane County
Jerry Walters, President of the Village of Whiting, Village of Whiting
Jerry Pillath, Marinette County Board Supervisor District #13, Marinette County Board of Supervisors
Clifford Rantala, Supervisor, Town Of Oulu
Pamela Meyer, Supervisor, Waukeshsa County
Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor, City of Madison, Wisconsin
Kyle Deno, County Clerk, Jackson
Mary Kutzler, Village Clerk, Village of Oliver
William Warmbier, Village President, Village Neshkoro
Mark Milbrandt, Town Supervisor, Town of Neshkoro
Scott Eshelman, Supervisor, Town of Newbold
Cheryl Milbrandt, Town Clerk, Town of Neshkoro
Susan Douglas, Clerk, Town of Plymouth, Rock County
Wendy Sue Johnson, School Board Commissioner, ECASD
Kurt Fullmer, Village of Orfordville Trustee, Orfordville Village Board
Tim Brabec, washburn County Board Supervisor, Washburn County Board
Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Alder, City of Madison Common Cojncil
Mary Lloyd-Jones, Town Clerk, Town of Wyoming
Ellen Clark, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, City of Neillsville
Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Clyman
Harry Johansen, Supervisor, Polk County Board
Jack Connell, President, Greater West Central Area Labor Council
Linda Kutchenriter, City Administrator, City of Omro
Michael Verveer, Alderperson, Madison Common Council
Kelly McCullough, County Board Supervisor (Dunn County Dist #17), Dunn County Board of Supervisors
Austin King, Former President, Madison City Council,
Dennis McBride, Alderman – 4th District, City of Wauwatosa
Scott DeGross, Treasurer, St. Croix Central School Board
James Nodorft, Town of Smelser Clerk, Town of Smelser
Rodger Thomann, Board Member, School District of Fort Atkinson
Donna Borgschatz, Town Clerk, Town of Spring Lake
Shari Marg, Register of Deeds, Jackson County
Michael Maher, 5th District Alderman, City of Cedarburg
Jane A Rusch, school board member, Wausau School District
Lori Breiwa, Village Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Cobb
Bryon Eagon, Alder, District 8, Madison Common Council, City of Madison Common Council
Jeff Ziegler, Treasurer, Marshall School Board
Shari Marg, Register of Deeds, Jackson County
Mike Huggins, City Manager, City of Eau Claire
Chris Meyer, Mayor, City of Marshfield
Jason Reeves, Alderman District 1, Omro City Council
Natalie Dixon, Clerk, City Of Madison
Steve Arnold, Alder, City of Fitchburg
Carol Craig, President – Eau Claire School Board, Eau Calire Area School District
Nik Kovac, Alderman, 3rd District, City of Milwaukee
Larry Miller, Milwaukee School Board Director, Dist. 5, Milwaukee School Board of Directors
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Alderperson, City of Madison Common Council
Gregg Moore, County Board Supervisor, Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors


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  1. Collective Bargaining is a voice for teachers. Don’t squelch the communication link of those who take care of our children. It’s a voice. It’s part of our freedom. What are you thinking?

    Comment by Peggy Strong — February 24, 2011 @ 9:27 am | Reply

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