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February 20, 2011

Walker: By Targeting Public Employees He Intends To Soften The Public For The Next Kill (Education and Health Care). It Will Devastate MPS.

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Walker Postponed The Release Of His Full Budget Proposal From Feb 22 to March 1: He Knows It Will Further Unite Wisconsinites Against His Draconian Plans

Scott Walker is reportedly planning to cut $900 million in general school aid statewide, refuse Title 1 funds ($90 million loss for MPS) and reduce revenue limit authority by $500 per child.

The recent initial budgets developed at each MPS school for next year were based on a $200 per student increase from the budget we are operating from this year.  Now it appears that Walker is planning to cut $500 dollars per student from next year’s budget. That is a $700 decrease per student from the budgets developed recently at each MPS school.

If Walker is allowed to do this it will mean devastation for MPS kids, families and communities. This will lead to cuts in staffing, elective offerings, daytime and after school programs and result in closing or combining many schools.  Class sizes are already far beyond reasonable limits. This will lead to even larger class sizes.

The Milwaukee community must come together with the rest of the state to stop this insanity. One place to start is to support teachers and public employees in their effort to stop Walker from ending the right to negotiate contracts.

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  1. All I know is I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes trying to find the funds to get us out of debt. I am not sure that MPS should be targeted this way. There are other districts that have no “excuse” to be losing State Revenue to things like “open enrollment”- and are doing very little to reduce the number of students open enrolling out of district but improving. Look at the districts that consistantly loose the most revenue, and you’ll see some of them are not in the trouble that MPS is in. Oconomowoc School District is a prime example. Building an “arts center” right after raising taxes to build 2 new middle schools… got 2.2 million from the State (before Walker) for the “jobs fund” bill to save teachers jobs– but OASD didn’t fire any teachers (according to the Oconomowoc Enterprise). That Superintendent refused to return the money to the State for districts that actually made cuts. One Board Member said the revenue lost to Open Enrollment wasn’t really a loss- as they still got to keep $4000 per student open enrolled out of district, AND they didn’t have to educate the kid. However, when they received a flood of indistrict kids back into OASD because of kids being removed from Perochial Schools (due to the economy)- they weren’t prepared for it- despite having money for each child. Then they made it sound as though they were unfairly put upon, and deserved help. THIS is a district, and others like it, that should have it’s funds reduced, for poor management. This district does not struggle with poverty or violence.

    Comment by Sassy — February 22, 2011 @ 11:46 pm | Reply

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