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February 20, 2011

Republicans in Washington Want to Gut Education and Safety Net Programs for the American People

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the Republican-controlled House of Representatives was still wading through more than 500 amendments to its irresponsible, partisan, and draconian funding bill (H.R. 1) for the remaining seven months of the 2011 fiscal year.  It contains about $64 billion in cuts (13.8%) from current spending levels for non-defense discretionary funding.  These reductions in spending for important investments will slow down our nation’s economic recovery and result in the loss of approximately a million American jobs.  State and local governments would be particularly hard-hit by the House bill because one-third of non-security discretionary spending grants are in the form of aid to state and local governments.  H.R. 1 would have a devastating effect on the ability of state and local governments to deliver vital public services, and would result in significant public sector job losses.

provisions the House bill would change include:

  • Cut $2.5 billion from Community Development Block Grant formula funding, federal aid that goes directly to local governments;
  • Cut $1.1 billion from Head Start programs, with projected layoffs of 55,000 staff, and 218,000 fewer children enrolled;
  • Eliminate child care subsidies for 150,000 children;
  • Cut as much as $1.7 billion from the Social Security Administration, which would force the SSA to cut more than 3,500 staff from its field offices, state disability determination services, and disability hearing offices, as well as likely furloughs for about 50,000 federal and state employees, causing serious delays in processing and payments;
  • Cut a total of $1.2 billion (56%) from the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, which would result in hundreds of fewer sewer and clean water projects and 33,600 fewer jobs;
  • Cut $693.5 million from Title I for K-12 education;
  • Cut $5.7 billion from Pell grants (24%), more than $800 per student;
  • Cut $203 million for COPS program grants to pay for bulletproof vests and other law enforcement needs.  An amendment restored funding for the COPS Hiring program, which had been eliminated in H.R. 1 as introduced;
  • Cut the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program, which funds state and local law enforcement, by approximately $197 million (19%);
  • Cut many programs that have received funding under the Affordable Care Act (health reform law), including a $1 billion funding reduction  for community health centers;
  • Cut $1.1 billion from the public housing capital fund (43%) and $149 million from public housing operating budgets;
  • Cut $1.4 billion from the Centers for Disease Control, including $269 million cut from public health preparedness and response;
  • Eliminate Workforce Investment Act (WIA) new enrollment in job training and force current participants to leave training, which would result in hundreds of workforce office closings and would deny up to eight million workers job training and employment services between July 1, 2011 and July 1, 2012;
  • Cut $12.3 billion in transportation funding, which translates into over 340,000 jobs lost.  This cut includes elimination of $1.1 billion in funding for grants and loans for surface transportation projects (the TIGER program) this fiscal year and the rescission of funding provided for the program in FY 2010;
  • Cut $61 billion from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hampering its work monitoring hedge funds and derivatives and protecting investors.

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