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February 17, 2011

Walker’s Actions Unconscionable: What Happens in Madison Means Everything for MPS Students

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By Larry Miller

I am going back to Madison again tomorrow, Friday February 18, because the outcome of the battle with Scott Walker will significantly affect the future for our kids. Walker has started with busting unions and attacking Wisconsin’s standard of living. But he will not stop there.

He is preparing to gut public education from pre-kindergarten through college. This will be devastating for Milwaukee’s kids, many who are depending on Wisconsin’s public schools and colleges. Scott Walker is reportedly planning to cut $900 million in general school aid statewide, refuse Title 1 funds ($90 million loss for MPS) and reduce revenue limit authority by $500 per child. This must be opposed by any and every legal means we possess.

Conscientious citizens must draw a line in the sand and stand up.

Many activities are being planned here in Milwaukee and around the state. But the focus will continue to be in Madison.

Many teachers have called me and asked about missing time at work. I have given the same answer each time asked, whether to teachers or parents. That is, “teachers have contractual rights (and procedures to follow), and I as a board member will respect and defend those rights.”


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