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February 17, 2011

Walker Declares War on Our Kids!

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Scott Walker is reportedly planning to cut $900 million in general school aid statewide, refuse Title 1 funds ($90 million loss for MPS) and reduce revenue limit authority by $500 per child.

This is a declaration of war on the poor, on working families and on the middle class. Under the guise of cutting taxes and opening the door to business, Walker is destroying the future for many children and their families.

Money is being taken from schools that have already been cut to the bare bones. Asking for adequate funding is not a case of throwing money at a problem. It’s a matter of ensuring what is mandated and guaranteed under the law of the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin students are guaranteed a “sound basic education” as a “fundamental right.”

Please join the fight to save public education. Write letters and call the Governor’s office (1-608-266-1212.) Do the same with your state legislators (1-877-753-5578.) Convince parents and teachers at your child’s school to do so as well.

Please go to and to join our movement for public education.

Here are some of our key demands:

  • Increase, not cut, the per pupil funding for next year by $275.
  • Keep early childhood funding (K4) and fully fund SAGE.
  • Support a 1% sales tax for our kids (A Penny for Kids Campaign).
  • Increase state funding for special education.

The Wisconsin legislative statute, 121.02(L) (1997-98), set clear standards for what is mandated to be taught to Wisconsin’s public school students. These requirements go far beyond the core curriculum to guarantee that all students receive instruction in physical education/health, art, music and have access to library resources.

This position was reaffirmed in the Wisconsin Supreme Court 2000 majority position on school funding by Justice Patrick Crooks (Vincent v. Voight):“We further hold that Wisconsin students have a fundamental right to an equal opportunity for a sound basic education. An equal opportunity for a sound basic education is one that will equip students for their roles as citizens and enable them to succeed economically and personally. The legislature has articulated a standard for equal opportunity for a sound basic education in Wis. Stat. §§ 118.30(lg)(a) and 121.02(L) (1997-98) as the opportunity for students to be proficient in mathematics, science, reading and writing, geography, and history, and for them to receive instruction in the arts and music, vocational training, social sciences, health, physical education and foreign language, in accordance with their age and aptitude.”


Larry Miller-MPS School Board Director, District 5


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  1. I would like to know if Govenor Walkers kids attend the public schools he is taking the funding from

    Comment by Stephanie — February 25, 2011 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

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