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February 16, 2011

Update on Bill Amendment 8:15 Wednesday Night: The amendment DOES NOT remove the collective bargaining repeal NOR does it remove or change increased contributions to benefits.

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update from Senator Jon Erpenbach on SS SB 11

February 17th – 8:15pm

Joint Committee on Finance expected to take action on attached amendent tonight making the bill available for Senate action tomorrow. The amendment DOES NOT remove the collective bargaining repeal NOR does it remove or change increased contributions to benefits. It does restore health care and retirement to LTE appointments when earned.

Senator Erpenbach will continue to fight this proposal tomorrow when the bill is expected to come up for a vote in the Senate. People in opposition continue to flood the inside and erterior of the State Capitol – it is a great sight to see and hear! Truly makes it an honor to serve people so dedicated to democracy. Hope to see you all tomorrow!


From the Wheeler Report


1. Makes a technical correction to language in 2011 Act 3 and Act 5 relating to the tax credit for new hires.

2. Modifies certain limitations included in the tax incremental financing district – inclusion of wetlands included in 2011 Act 10.

3. Sunsets all provisions relating to the study and implementation of Medical Assistance program changes would sunset on Jan. 1, 2015.

4. Increases Medical Assistance benefits funding in the bill by $42.7 million GPR in 2010-11 to enable DHS to partially fund June, 2011 capitation payments to certain groups; increases FED funding by $82.6 million. Provides $134 million GPR and $6.7 million SEG from  the MA trust fund to address a projected shortfall for benefits in the 2009-11 biennium.

5. Makes changes relating to JFC review of the sale or contractual operation of state-owned power plants. Makes changes on repayments of tax exempt bonding.

6. Removes provision requiring the Attorney General’s designee to the Group Insurance Board be an attorney.

7. Modifies replacement of classified positions with unclassified positions in the Dept of Justice.

8. Remove the provision prohibiting state employees who have LTE appointments from participating in WRS and prohibit those employees from receiving group health insurance coverage.

9. Modify study of potential modifications of the WRS and State Employee Health Insurance Options  to require JFC passive review.

10. Modifies provisions requiring contributions of one-half of all actuarially required contributions from the retirement systems operated by the city and county of Milwaukee to be one-half of all employee required contributions.

11. Provide for local government civil service systems.


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