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February 16, 2011

Gwen Moore Support for Wisconsin Workers

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Dear Friend,

As you know there is a fight happening right now in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker has put forth an initiative that will nearly eliminate the collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin public employees. We cannot stand idly by and let this happen. This controversial bill will come to a vote in the Wisconsin State Senate on this Thursday. And your help is needed RIGHT NOW!

Through the years, we’ve watched the labor movement build a strong and skilled workforce, and we know that when our workers thrive, our economy thrives. The facts tell the story clearly – a strong community fighting for workers’ rights goes hand in hand with strong middle class wages.

Wisconsin’s workers represent the best our state has to offer — and they are real people not widgets or statistics. They care for the patients in our hospitals and in their homes. They teach our children. They provide the vital services that keep our communities running. They are us.

Governor Walker is cavalierly trying to eliminate rights that Wisconsin workers have historically fought and died for. Public workers are not the enemy. They are skilled and trained workers. They are taxpayers, volunteers, neighbors and friends. They should be invited to the table and treated with respect – just like they have been historically by Republican and Democratic governors alike.

Just like we do in Washington, leaders in Wisconsin need to make some tough budget decisions. But eliminating the rights of our public workers is an attack on Wisconsin’s middle class. It’s an attack on our state’s rich history. And it’s a crushing blow to our working families who are struggling to climb out of this recession.

I urge you to contact your State Senator by calling 877-753-5578 and tell them to support Wisconsin’s working families!

Wisconsin cannot recover and grow again without a strong middle class. Thank you for your time and attention and let’s do what we can to help stop this vicious attack on Wisconsin Workers.

In Solidarity,
GSM Signature

Gwen S. Moore
Member of Congress, WI – 4

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Milwaukee, WI 53216
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