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January 4, 2011

Wisconsin Legislature: Bills Circulated on First Day of Legislative Session

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New bills for consideration

On the first day of the new legislative session, lawmakers circulated a series of bills Monday, looking for co-sponsors.

Republican bills:

  • Repeal the law that allows voters to register at the polls on Election Day.
  • Allow off-duty law enforcement officers to carry firearms on school grounds.
  • State constitutional amendment to require a two-thirds vote in the Assembly whenever lawmakers want to increase the state sales tax, income tax, franchise tax or any fees.
  • Expand the ability of minors younger than 12 to drive ATVs.
  • Require convicted drunken drivers to reimburse law enforcement for the cost of blood tests.
  • Increase penalties for battering or threatening witnesses in a criminal case. Repeal a state prohibition on Sunday sale of motor vehicles.
  • Prohibit sex offenders from being on school property without the offender notifying the school first.
  • Exempt private stairway lifts and other hoists from some of the regulations on public elevators, escalators, etc.
  • Increase penalty for retail theft and require those selling items in flea markets be able to provide proof of ownership.
  • A law that would make theft of services – such as getting a manicure and not paying for it – a crime. Currently the statute only applies to theft of items and money.
  • Extend gas and electricity tax exemptions for full calendar year.
  • Allow police to arrest people suspected of violations punishable by civil forfeitures.
  • Create a property tax exemption for machinery and personal property used for research.
  • Subject people who violate domestic violence “no contact” provisions to criminal, rather than civil, penalties
  • Protect homeowners from criminal charges if they use force to guard their homes.

Democratic bills:

  • Expand Wisconsin’s Enterprise Zone tax credit program.
  • Expand 25 percent income tax credit for investments on existing businesses to now include startups.
  • Provide small businesses with 10 employees or less a tax credit if they hire employees who have been out of work for two months or more.
  • Raise the cap for the existing tax credit for small- and medium-sized businesses that relocate to or expand in Wisconsin. The current cap is set at $10 million. The bill would increase that to $14.5 million.



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