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December 18, 2010

MMAC Wages Class Warfare Against Milwaukee Families, Yet Claims To Be Our Childrens’ Savior.

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The MMAC wants to take the two-tier factory production model, adopted at Harley Davidson and elsewhere, and replicate it for Milwaukee’s urban students. By 2020 MMAC chief Tim Sheehy hopes to establish 50 “high-performing” schools serving 20,000 students – while the remaining 105,000 fend for themselves.

“Milwaukee must set higher standards for educational performance and back them up — for all 125,000 school-age children in the city. We need to urgently and aggressively develop a large number of high-performing schools. A significant starting point would be 20,000 seats in 50 high performing schools by 2020.

High-performing schools need to exist across the educational system, including Milwaukee Public Schools, charter schools and parent choice schools. And, they would all serve low-income, low-performing students and make significant gains in their educational attainment towards real-world standards of performance. Some would say this is a goal that reaches too few of the 125,000 school-age kids in the city. But in working towards the goal of 50 high performing schools, hundreds of other schools will also make performance improvements, thus serving a far greater number of children.”

In other words 16% of Milwaukee’s students will have access to successful schooling and the other 84% of students will receive the trickle-down effects of this strategy. This elitist policy might serve corporate Milwaukee’s need for professional and high-skilled labor, but it in no way is acceptable for the majority of Milwaukee’s youth and families.

This is the same MMAC that is blocking paid sick days. This is the same MMAC that stood silent as Scott Walker stopped fast-rail, leaving the Talgo Corporation to downsize on Milwaukee’s north-side, the most economically devastated community in Wisconsin.

The MMAC has been complicit in driving down the standard of living for working men and women in the region and state. They have been part of the anti-union climate that has increased profit and tax breaks for the rich while poverty increases and the middle class erodes.

The original MMAC Education Committee has become the MMAC Education Team with the addition of Howard Fuller representing the Institute for the Transformation of Learning. Howard Fuller formally joining the MMAC is an attempt to give educational credibility to this perverse proposal.

To see Tim Sheehy’s full statement on schooling in Milwaukee go to Milwaukee Commerce at:

MMAC Summer Commerce

To see the internal MMAC proposal on “Education Reform” go to:

MMAC Internal Education Document


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